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Marx and Us

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Two hundred years after his death, Marx’s ghost still casts a shadow over the world. As a strong reminder of the importance of what he has discussed, his ideas are always remembered whenever the world is hit by an economic crisis. In memory of the anniversary of his death, an unprecedented international seminar was held in Tunisia between 19 and 21 October 2018, in order to celebrate the theorist through an exploration of his ideas from different scientific perspectives, to be true to Samir Amine’s expression , “Marx without borders”.

The seminar was organized by the laboratories of “Researches on Enlightenment, Modernity and Cultural Diversity” and “PHILAB”, in partnership with the Academic Cooperation Office of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. During three days, participants discussed 38 research papers that were presented to a diverse audience of students, researchers and activists in civil and political fields. The papers provided by professors from Tunisia and Arab and Western countries were divided into seven axes: Marx and Marxists: from the Creation of thought to its reception; Ghosts of Marx and Inhibitions of Capitalism; Marxism and Transformations in Alienation; Issues of “Dialectics” and “Historical Materialism”; Marxism: is science or an Ethics of revolution?; Marx and the persistence of the religious question ; and Marx on Eurocentrism and Universality.

In the aim of spreading knowledge, the Academic Cooperation Office of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation publishes on its website recorded videos of the interventions, along with selected papers in form of an electronic and printed book.